Today we are happy to say first public release of Niostreamer media streaming server is ready and available for users!

There will be a couple of posts about feature-set soon, but right now we just want to say that a lot of effort was invested to make the first production release available.

Niostreamer supports a wide variety of operating systems. The first one supported is Centos 7. Follow our blog to see when support of other *nix and Windows operating systems will be added.

Niostreamer is a freeware media server. You can download and install as many instances as you want. For free.

The best way to manage installed instances is simple and flexible control panel.

The main website ( is an administrative panel to manage all of your installed streaming server instances.

Please see the documentation section describing how to get started with you first Niostreamer instance here.

You can always contact our support team if you have any questions by sending us an email:

Niostreamer team.